Quality service, fast.

You don't want to wait in an Emergency Room or try to schedule an appointment with your family doctor when you're hurt. You want to get better — quick. At Ouch! our experienced staff provides a full range of urgent care services that provide quick, effective relief for most non-emergency illnesses and injuries.


From fractures and lacerations to wounds, strains and infections, the Ouch! staff is ready to offer you efficient and precise relief from your injuries. See our comprehensive list of treatable injuries.

Mild to moderate illness.

Don't let a fever, allergic reaction, infection or congestion keep you from work or your kids from school. Let us offer you relief before it gets worse or spreads. See our comprehensive list of treatable illnesses.

Tests and X-rays.

Finding time to schedule a test shouldn't negatively affect the end result. Schedule your blood test or X-ray online and get on with your day. The Ouch! staff will be ready and waiting when the time comes. See a comprehensive list of tests we offer.


Don’t let something as common and preventable as the flu take you out. Stay ahead with flu and Tdap vaccines at Ouch! Urgent Care.


In the time it takes to complain about scheduling a work or school physical, you can schedule one online with Ouch! set your worries aside. See a comprehensive list of services we offer.