Brian D. McCoy, MD

Ouch RH Medical Director, Brian McCoy, has been practicing medicine for 12 years, the last decade practicing emergency medicine in Tupelo and other Northeast Mississippi hospitals and clinics. Emergency medicine and urgent care allow him the satisfaction of providing immediate solutions to patients' most obvious or pressing ailments. Dr. McCoy has always had the goal of providing an environment that is enjoyable for staff while being convenient, comfortable, and personable for patients.

Holly Cooper, NP

Holly Cooper is a Nurse Practitioner from Hamilton, AL, who received her education and training from Walden University, The University of Alabama, and Northwest-Shoals Community College. With a remarkable ability to establish immediate connections with patients, Holly excels in conducting thorough assessments and utilizing her extensive clinical knowledge and skills to provide optimal care. Her unwavering dedication lies in collaborating effectively within a larger healthcare team to ensure the delivery of top-notch care across diverse patient populations. With Holly's unwavering commitment to excellence, patients can trust in receiving high-quality, compassionate healthcare.

Ashley Sudduth, NP

Ashley Sudduth is a Nurse Practitioner from Vernon, AL. With licensure in both Alabama and Mississippi, Ashley possesses a wealth of experience and expertise in delivering exceptional healthcare. Her extensive professional journey spans back to 2005, during which she has contributed her skills and knowledge in various healthcare settings. Armed with degrees from Chamberlain and Bevill State Community College, Ashley combines academic excellence with real-world practicality to provide compassionate and comprehensive care to her patients.

Sanjuana Gonzalez, APC

Sanjuana Gonzalez is an Advanced Practice Nurse from Fulton, MS. With an impressive 17 years of healthcare experience spanning long-term care, pediatrics, and primary care, Sanjuana brings a diverse skill set to the table. She holds degrees from esteemed institutions such as the University of South Alabama, Mississippi University for Women, and Itawamba Community College. With a keen aptitude for critical thinking, analytical prowess, and a multitude of other valuable skills, Sanjuana consistently delivers exceptional care and makes a positive impact on her patients' lives.

Hillary Earnest, FNP

Hillary Earnest is a highly skilled and compassionate Family Nurse Practitioner and Registered Nurse from Houston, MS. Hillary holds degrees from prestigious institutions such as the University of South Alabama and the University of Mississippi. Her professional journey, which began in 2013, has taken her to numerous clinics across the country, honing her expertise and enriching her patient-centered approach. With a commitment to excellence and a deep passion for healthcare, Hillary consistently provides comprehensive and personalized care to her patients.

Maggie Macias, NP

Maggie Macias is a highly accomplished Nurse Practitioner with deep roots in Corinth, MS, where she was born and raised. Backed by degrees from institutions like Chamberlain University and Northeast Mississippi Community College, Maggie is recognized as a highly qualified professional in her field. With an impressive track record of over 600 hours of nurse practitioner experience gained from diverse locations across the country, she brings a breadth of expertise to her practice. Furthermore, Maggie's fluency in Spanish and extensive experience with electronic medical records further enhance her ability to provide comprehensive and inclusive care to her patients.

Danielle Lewis, NP

Danielle Lewis is a highly skilled and compassionate Family Nurse Practitioner, bringing with her a distinguished educational journey from esteemed institutions such as the University of North Alabama, Mississippi University for Women, and Bevill State Community College. Renowned for her ability to forge instant rapport with patients, Danielle shines in conducting comprehensive assessments, drawing upon her extensive clinical expertise to deliver exceptional care. Beyond her adeptness in urgent care, Danielle excels in performing invasive procedures and practices aesthetics, further enhancing her versatility in patient care. Her resolute devotion is evident in her seamless collaboration within interdisciplinary healthcare teams, ensuring the provision of exemplary services across diverse patient demographics.

Tanya Brasher, NP

Tanya Brasher is a Nurse Practitioner from Hamilton, AL, with a passion for continuous learning and development. Tanya's impressive educational journey includes acquiring multiple degrees and certificates from esteemed institutions such as Troy University, The University of Alabama, and The University of North Alabama. With a rich professional experience spanning back to 1997, Tanya has contributed her expertise to various positions predominantly within the state of Alabama.