“I wanted to open an urgent care clinic here because, as an ER doctor, it upset me to think people have to wait two or three hours to see an ER doctor or urgent care doctor. For urgent care, treatment should be for the convenience of the patient. You shouldn’t have to mark out four hours of your day or dread a painful experience.”

-Dr. Brian McCoy

It shouldn’t hurt to be sick.

Ouch! Urgent Care nurses and physicians have high expectations for care. We want your experience to be as helpful, pleasant, and easy as possible — after all, you’re sick.

Because our goal is serving you, we were founded on the principle that an urgent care should be efficient, caring, compassionate, and deliver quality medical care in a way that can’t be done better.

It shouldn’t be painful to get help.

Ouch! Urgent Care was born of Doctor Brian McCoy’s dissatisfaction in seeing people waste an entire day seeking relief from common injuries and illnesses.

Find the quickest, most convenient available appointment with one click and then schedule your visit with one more. Fill out your paper work online so you are ready to be seen the moment you walk through the door. When you’re in the neighborhood, walk-ins are always welcome.

At your request, our staff will electronically file your prescriptions at the pharmacy of your choice so you don’t have to leave our lobby only to wait in another. At Ouch! Urgent Care, our goal is to give you the best experience without taking up your day.